Biography – Jürgen Kern aka Taliesin

Born 1964 in Lienz, East Tyrol, Austria
Taliesin began making music as a young child, his musical journey has led him from traditional folkmusic, on through jazz and reggae all the way to rock music.

Because of his wide horizon of musical interests, he has been accompanied by a great array of musical instruments and rhythms throughout his life.

In 1988, together with Marcus Testory und Christoph Aschauer, he founded the underground rock band “A Wedding Anniversary”

1989 saw the release of their debut album on “Dancetaria Rec.” – the then well-known French independent lable based in Lille (Title: A Wedding Anniversary).


The album made it into various underground and independent charts throughout Europe. In France, for example, the album spent a number of weeks in the Top 15 and was even made “Album of the Week” by the major national newspaper “Le Figaro”.
In Switzerland, the album climbed to the top of the charts of the Independent Rock Radio Station “Couleur 3” and stayed there for a total of 4 weeks. The list goes on… On top of that, their EP “Asylum” was also released later on in 1989 and their 2nd album “The age of lies” came out a few years later in 1993.

After the band split up in late 1993, Taliesin decided to initially withdraw from the professional music business. Some time later he came across the world of analogue-digital music, a world that has fascinated him ever since.

He mastered the programming techniques for a variety of music computers, synthesizers etc. and since 1999 has been making a name for himself as “Taliesin” the composer, producer, and live performer.
(1st live Psytrance act in Austria – completely analogue up until 2006)

He has since performed at many major Central-European festivals, amongst others in:
(CH) Spacegarden, Zauberwald, Psychedelic Castle, Zeitreise, Another Dimension,Traumfänger
(D) Psycholympics,
(AUT) Trancecendance, Earthdance, Children of Gaia, Spacecowboys, Sonnenklang (5x)
(CZ) Seeds of Love …….etc.

Phoenix Firedancer

In the year 2000, he got to know Marc Brouard and Leon Martin. Their loose bands soon developed into a great friendship and led to Taliesin co-producing the Phoenix Firedancer’s first audio-visual show “Spirit Fire”.
2003 -2005 – Production and release of the soundtrack: Taliesin – Spirit Fire.
2009-2011- Production of the new soundtrack for their second audio-visual show “Geomatrix”


Band member from 2006 – 2009
Tours: Austria, Montenegro, Latvia, Bulgara, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Sardinia, Sri Lanka etc…
Taliesin wass awarded the Peacemaker Order at the Kremlin in November 2006

Trance music – Releases and productions:

Tikal: The flight of the eagle 1996
Kasper Hauser Komplex 1997
Spirit Fire – Die Magie des Lichts 2005
Various remixes for “Supermax”, “Chamber”, “Moonbootica”, “2 Raum Wohnung”, among others….


2010 – 2011: Production of Taliesin’s Album THREE TIMES THREE

Kaspar Hauser Komplex

2013: Taliesin’s sideproject – ‚Kaspar Hauser Komplex‘ releases the EP ‚Retro Elektro Vol. 01‘ on ‚Delicious Releases‘